Company:  Confidential

Job Title: Analytical Chemistry Contractor

Job Number: 77870

Location: Boston, US

Job Description

The Natural Products/Analytical Chemist is a lab-based role and will have considerable hands-on experience in natural product (NP) discovery, isolation, chemical characterization, and de novo structural elucidation.


* Develop methods for novel NP compound discovery and isolation * Lead day-to-day hit compound ID, isolation and de novo structural elucidation * Help design and execute compound and extract screening assays * Maintain local chemistry instruments, including team’s LCMS and HPLCs * Manage team’s chemistry inventory * Lead chemistry CROs for additional compound isolation and structural elucidation. 

Required Skills

* PhD in natural products chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, or chemical engineering and minimum of 2+ years industry experience, or a BS/MS in these fields and a minimum of 6+ years industry experience. * Experience in the development and optimization of chemistry workflows for small molecule purification and characterization.  * Extensive experience analyzing LC/MS data, targeted and untargeted metabolomics. * Well-established experience in compound characterization using both 1D and 2D NMR techniques as well as small molecule crystallography and cryoEM * Deep understanding of natural product biosynthesis is preferred * Able to work independently in the lab, hands-on experience in operating state of art of analytical systems like LC-MS/MS * Experience in assaying the bioactivity of natural products and activity-guided fractionation is highly desirable. * Strong listening, writing, and communication skills.

Application Deadline: 2024-06-03


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