• Full Time (Salaried)
  • Boston, MA

Company:  Confidential

Job Title: Advanced 3D Graphics Software Engineer

Job Number: 23266

Location: Boston, MA

Job Description

You will be responsible for designing and implementing intuitive front-end data displays and overlays meant to accelerate surgical decision making and instill confidence at the moment of therapy delivery. This is an opportunity to define the industry standard for intra-op surgical vision augmentation.


Required Skills

· BS / MS in computer science and graphic design or relevant experience
· Experience with real-time data visuals and overlays
· Familiarity with OpenGL or another 2D/3D rendering framework
· Experience displaying 3D geometry on a 2D screen
· Ability to communicate ideas effectively and collaborate closely with a cross-functional team to achieve goals
· Experience with WPF and .Net Framework
· Familiarity with principles of projective geometry
· Experience with real-time front-end visualization in medical imaging
· Experience with manipulation and visual presentation of 3D image data
· Experience with augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR)
· Experience with GPU acceleration (CUDA, OpenCL, or other)
· Familiarity with shaders
· Experience in computer game graphic design highly valued
· Experience in computer animation highly valued 


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